Why should you meditate?


The simple answer is, because you clicked on something and found your way to this page, which means you are curious about it. I happen to believe that is reason enough.


Meditation can help improve one's life in a myriad of ways, and the experience is so unique and special to everyone that it almost eludes a universal description. Most commonly I hear people sharing that their regular meditation practice has helped them to have a more beneficial and peaceful relationship with their owns minds and emotions. There will always be experiences we have in the world that challenge us, but when we are trained in restoring our own internal peace, the world can seem much more friendly and joy can be more abundant.

Shamatha Technique

Shamatha is a Sanskrit word which means "calm abiding." It is mindfulness awareness meditation, in which your attention is gently guided to rest on your breath . There is no religious component to this meditation, and it will not be in opposition to any religion you may already practice. The Shamatha technique is so simple, and it has remained a useful tool for thousands of years, having originated with the Buddha. 

How it Works

Contact me to set up an online appointment to get you started, and you can get live support without leaving home! I would love to help you maximize the benefits of your practice. I am available locally in NC for groups as well. Prices vary depending on the situation. 

Where to find me

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