Mindful Life Coaching

Mindfulness In Motion

Every life experience can be made more vibrant by living fully in the present moment. The goal of the practice of meditation is not just to be able to sit well on a cushion, but also to be able to get up and move through life with grace.

Work Towards Your Wellness Goals

Whether you want to see changes in career, relationships, health, diet, or some other area of your life,  a coach on your side can help drive you towards your goals faster. What changes do you wish to make in your life? Get some clarity within yourself and stick to your decisions.

Support for Meditation Practice

Meditation is a journey. It will be different every time you sit to practice, and the guidance of a teacher is helpful at any point in the experience. Questions may come up for you, or you may just enjoy having someone to talk to about your experience and some guidance to help keep you on track.


My training in coaching was completed with Common Boundaries, a member of the International Coaching Federation.(http://commonboundaries.com/academy.html). Coaching appointments can be done by phone, online or in person. 

Coaching fee is $100 per hour.